Kinemaster Diamond Apk

KineMaster Diamond Mod APK – Latest Version 2023

KineMaster Diamond APK is the premium version of the most popular video editing app on android. It is a professional video editing app for android.

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If you are worried about editing your youtube videos or any type of clip adjustment and want to get rid of these so called editing apps.

Kinemaster Diamond Apk is a fully unlocked version of the popular video editor application, this version offers a better user interface with the support of Chroma Key, Unlimited Support for all Layers, and more all with no watermark.

Then, here we are introducing you to one of the most prominent video editing apps. Yes, it’s none other than KineMaster Diamond Apk is the most modernized and latest version of KineMaster. Meanwhile, you will completely be able to unlock all the premium features without paying a single penny.

KineMaster Mod APK is an amazing video editing app that has everything you need to create professional-quality videos on your Android device. With this modded version of the app, you can get access to all the features and tools that are normally locked away behind a paywall. This means that you can create even more amazing videos without having to spend a penny.

What is KineMaster Diamond Apk?

Kinemaster Diamond Apk is equipped with numerous interesting features that make it distinct from other versions. It is a very different app if compared with Viva Video Editor, Action Director, and Power Director. 

Moreover, it will help you to edit your videos in a very professional way, that’s why? you must have to go for this app. If you don’t have any experience in editing work then you must have this app on your device.

Same as if you are an editing expert we claim that you will find this app very convenient and beneficial. By using this editing software you will get rid of those complex video editing software. It is easy to use this feature that will make you able to explore all of its features.

Why Choose KineMaster Diamond?

Meanwhile, this app will offer you all of the premium features because it has primarily cracked versions. KineMaster Diamond Apk has achieved high fame in a very small period of time just because of its marvelous features which will definitely be helpful for you to be an expert level video editor.

A built-in camera and a customized image format will expand the beauty of this Kinemaster Diamond Apk. From this, you will swiftly pick the format of your edited video. 

If you want to become a professional in the video editing profession, you’ll need the app’s premium subscription. You get most of the advanced designing tools with this subscription, like Chroma Key and Video Stabilization. It means that one can make iPhone quite cinematic videos after having the activated premium plan.

Here’s our champion, KineMaster Diamond APK. This apk is basically a modified version of the Kinemaster pro app, so you get all the premium tools right away. There are countless tools available around the world that can help you record cinematic videos.

KineMaster Diamond Apk VS Original

Let’s see a comparison of the diamond KineMaster and original kinemaster version,

FeatureDiamond ApkOriginal Kinemaster
Multiple Layers
ThemesComparably moreComparably less
FormatsAll formats supportedSome format does no support
Work log
Chroma key
Premium Features
Satisfactory levelHighLow

Stop browsing websites for KineMaster free trials and just download KineMaster Diamond Latest APK.

Features Of KineMaster Diamond Apk

Enabled Chroma Key

A chroma key is considered very essential in video editing work. Nowadays everyone wishes to alter the background of the video. Therefore this mod version comes with the chroma key enabled.

From this key, you will be totally free to alter the background of your video. Or to make alterations in the background at any point of the background. In this way, you will get rid of that effort that you make searching for any app.

This is the most stunning feature that will entertain you by working with your wish. You will be able to remove any kind of background that you think is disturbing for your video. Now all of the changes will be only made by you in this app. kinemaster diamond app will not do any kind of changes on its own in your video. 

Affix Melody And Sound To Your Videos

We often visit the internet platform to get an app to mingle music and sound with our video. But it is very hard to find the best app for this. Rather we cannot even find it sometimes. But now you will not have to go for any other app for this purpose. Because you will be able to get this feature on KineMaster Diamond Mod Apk.

You will be able to add any of the music to your videos. Moreover, you will also be able to download any music and then add it to your video. It will be astonishing for you that you can also record your sound in this app.

Furthermore, you will add your recorded sound with that of your video. This will make your video more appropriate for you and your audience also.

No Watermark

While using KineMaster Diamond the most common that most people have faced was its watermark. This watermark has become the most annoying thing for them. People demanded any version that could offer them from this headache.

But now don’t have to worry about this problem because you will get rid of the watermark. You will get rid of this watermark that you will not see on any of your edited videos. Because the apk file of this version is specially designed to protect your video from this.

In this way, you will become a professional video editor because no one will know how you have edited video. And you can get huge fame from this simple, easy, and wonderful app. 

Consign Videos Faster And With Original Results

This is also a common problem offered by several people. This problem occurs when you begin to export your edited video. Because the quality of the edited video is often disturbed when you begin to export it.

The quality of the video is often depressed at that time. But now in this KineMaster Diamond Apk, you won’t have to face such a problem. Rather, you will easily export your videos fastly.

You can export high-quality videos such as 4k, 2160p, and 30FPS very swiftly. In this way, you will be able to export your videos very swiftly. Furthermore, the result of your video will not be depressed while sharing your video. You will be able to share your edited video in the original form. 

Stock Of Badges And Emoticons

Unlimited stickers and emojis are available in KineMaster Mod Apk. These stickers and emojis are offered with the purpose to enhance the beauty of the video. The stickers and emojis are available with the purpose to make your videos more meaningful.

Because several people used to add emojis according to the content of the video. For example, you can now make your funny videos funnier by adding funny emojis. Sama as your happy WhatsApp videos with that of good emojis.

Furthermore, unlimited stickers are also accessible in this app. These stickers and emojis when both used can enhance the meaning and beauty of video. Both of these things are also considered very essential to make professional video.

Dozens Of Ramifications

No one can deny the importance of effects in the field of photography. Because they have gained an honorable position in this field. Therefore KineMaster Mod Apk specifically puts light on these effects. Here in this wonderful app, you will be provided with unlimited effects.

These effects will be very astonishing for you. Because they can entirely or to some extent alter the look of your video. Here in this app, you will be totally free to use the effect perfectly matching your liking.

Numerous effects are offered with this purpose to beautify your videos. All of this struggle is made just to give an enchanting look to your videos. Also from thi9s feature, you will get the title of a professional editor. 

Merge Clips

KineMaster Mod Apk is the only platform to carry on this feature smoothly. Because no other app can perfect this function very accurately. A minor mistake or gap is always left while using any of the apps.

But KineMaster Mod Apk is the perfect app for this feature. Here you can merge several clips together and form a very smooth video. Noone will justify that you have merged clips and generated a new video.

Rather everyone will be compelled by their mind to appreciate your work. You can perfectly combine several clips and sequence them in smooth order. This feature is the property of this app only because no other app can perform this activity this much clearer. 

All Premium Features Unlocked 

Although KineMaster diamond without watermark is loaded with many new features. But there are several features that charge a very high amount from the users. Therefore this became the most troubling thing for millions of people. Because there were lots of people who were not able to pay that amount.

But now it’s time to get relief from this pain. Because latest diamond Apk is here to offer all premium features unlocked. Yes, it will be very surprising to hear this but it’s true. You won’t have to pay a single penny for any of the premium features.

Because this apk file has made it possible to access any of the features. In this way, you will enjoy the pro version without paying any money. Don’t you think it’s surprising?

Just Like this app you can also try kinemaster prime apk which have same features.

Download KineMaster Diamond APK

Kinemaster Diamond Apk
Kinemaster Diamond Apk
App NameKineMaster Diamond Apk
Size97 MB
Android Required4.1 and up
License TypeFreeware
DeveloperKineMaster Mods
Last Updated1 Day Ago

What’s New in v6.4.6


  • New Filters, Effects
  • Added more Fonts
  • Free NCS Music
  • KineMaster Asset Store
  • Latest Chroma Key
  • Enhanced App stability
  • Redesigned User Interface


  • Fixed 4K Video Export
  • Chroma Key not working fixed
  • Audio library not fetching
  • Updated popup removed

How to Install KineMaster Diamond APK on Android?

Step 1. Download KineMaster Diamond Apk from the link provided above with some patience until download is completed.

Step 2. Now go to Settings >> Security >> Enable Unknown Resources by clicking on the slider next to unknown resources option if already enabled skip this, if not enable it now.

kinemaster mod apk install

Step 3. Now open File Manager of your Android device and navigate downloads folder or wherever you have saved apk file of kinemaster diamond app

Step 4 . Tap on Kinemaster diamond Apk file  and click install button after selecting apk file.  wait for installation process to be completed , which might take some time as it is a large apk file.

Step 5. Open launcher and search for KineMaster diamond app icon or Goto >> Settings >> Apps >> Open all apps >> Locate kinemaster pro icon and tap on it to open KineMaster movie editing app.

Note: The process of allowing apps to install from unknown sources may vary for different Android versions. It is based on Android 9.

KineMaster Diamond Review

The KM video editor application allows me to edit my favorite videos. My YouTube channel lets me upload videos instantly when I’m on vacation. But there are some problems with the original app.

I hate the watermark they put on my videos. Premium services aren’t watermarked so they charge a fee. The app keeps some premium features locked.

I’m not the only Android user looking for similar apps. However, the KineMaster app is the best for video editing. Hopefully, KineMaster Diamond APK will prove to be a blessing for all mobile video editors in the near future.

I am able to resolve the watermark issue and be provided with those features that were previously locked for free. For me, the basic features are quite enough, but when I am getting premium features, the level of my work rises to another level.

In addition to improving my editing skills, it also improves my content standard. In my opinion, every Android user should download KineMaster Diamond. KineMaster Diamond is a powerful video editing tool whose premium features are unlocked.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is KineMaster Diamond APK a legit app?

KineMaster Diamond APK works on KineMaster’s legal servers, which means it won’t damage your data as it is legal. Through the KineMaster Diamond app, you’ll gain access to all of the legitimate resources offered by KineMaster.

Can I remove an object in my video without disturbing the quality of the video?

Surely you can eliminate any object from your video. Moreover, it will not harm the quality of your video rather your video will remain in its original form. Because this version does not compromise upon the clarity and quality of your video.

How to install KineMaster Diamond APK on an iPhone?

With the default procedure, you can easily download KineMaster Diamond. I don’t know if you’re wondering how the installation works. It’s in the Installation section of the same article.

Is KineMaster Diamond APK adfree?

Thanks to KineMaster Diamond APK, you can download it ad-free. With its diamond kind of interface, you can use any of its diamond features without getting slowed down by online advertisements.

Can I add my sound to one of my videos?

Surely you can add your sound to your video. This will be possible with the feature to firstly record your sound. After this, you will be able to add this to your video. Moreover, you can also customize various things regarding your sounds. 

Is KineMaster Diamond APK safe to use?

KineMaster Diamond APK is the only KineMaster MOD that’s 100% safe. You won’t have to worry about anything because it works on the KineMaster servers. This app has no bugs, glitches, or ads and lets you edit videos like a pro.

Final verdict

KineMaster Diamond Apk is fully equipped with numerous stunning features. All of these features are specifically designed according to the needs of users. Therefore you will find all of your required things in this version.

Moreover, this version is the perfect fusion of both official and mod features. We have tried our best to introduce you to each of the aspects of KineMaster Diamond Apk. But still, we are unsure that we have somehow missed some features.

Therefore if you wish to explore all of the features by yourself you must enter into this app by yourself. This will be surely the best and most surprising experience of your life. 

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